Typical Workshop Format

Each Workshop Day at Saturday Startup Club is a unique and stand alone event – Don’t worry if you’ve not been before, everything you need to know will be explained on the day and we love having new faces bringing fresh ideas and outlooks into the group.

The framework we are working to is something along the lines of:

9:00am : Meet for breakfast at a near by eatery such as The Hub, Hanover Street Social, Lunya. (Not Provided)

Then move on to DoES Liverpool where we have a meeting room booked with wifi, whiteboard, post-it notes and endless supplies of filter coffee and tea.

10:00am : 1 Minute Pitches – We do a round of pitches which get put up as a list on the board, then we vote using the “three dot method” to highlight the ideas with most interest.

10:30am : Quick brainstorming session to fill out a Business Model Canvas, 45 minutes each for the top 3 ideas based on votes.

12:45pm : Break For Lunch (Not Provided)

1:30pm : Pick which of the 3 canvassed ideas seems most viable and start working on the full canvas and explore the potential of the idea as a startup business in detail.

5:00pm : Wrap up, on to a local pub for further networking and discussion for those who want to.

As the event closes, it is up to everyone who attended to decide if they want to take the idea further outside of the workshop. No one is under any obligation to commit to further involvement and the person pitching the original idea maintains ownership. It could be useful though to state up front if you are just wanting input, or looking to form a more permanent team when pitching.

When people are forming teams to look at businesses after the initial Saturday Startup Club the work takes part outside the workshops, under their own guidance.

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